Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Girls Halloween Skirt with ruffle leggings

What do you do when your kids school doesn't allow costumes on Halloween?  You make something super cute to send your daughter in for the holiday.  And if you make one, then little sister will want one too.  So of course I had to make both girls one.  My oldest daughter has been bugging me all week to let her wear it, but she had to wait for me to take pictures, just incase a small catastrophe happened in first grade.  Just look at how happy she was to finally get to wear it, or she just wants to be a model, who knows!

Halloween Fabric - Riley Blake
Ruffle fabric -

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  1. Beautiful .... I know it just takes patience and math .. but Gosh i would love to be able to sew.... WhaT A CUTE CUTE SKIRT ...

  2. Natalie - I love, love your blog. The pictures are fantastic and the colors are so vibrant. You one very talented person. Wish it would rub off on me. Have a great Sunday afternoon.


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