Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Pajamas

So I am sure like a lot of you, you give your kids Christmas pajamas for Christmas - I know we have done it since the Christmas I got married, as well as I got them every year as a kid.  My parents would give them out on Christmas Eve, I am sure so we all looked nice for Christmas morning pictures :) Well, that would be my reasoning.  But a couple years ago, I changed the tradition so I give my kids their jammies on Dec 1st, so they look good all season long.  Mostly I have given them Christmas themed pajamas and now with them having them all season long, it just adds to the Christmas season!  So this year, I took my girls to the only fabric store in town to pick out material for their pajamas.  My two year old carried or hugged the bolt of fabric all over the store, because she "lubbed" it.  So I came home and thought, how can we make these just a little cuter - so here comes the iron on vinyl.  The snowman was an easy match, but my six year old picked out the reindeer for hers.  Two hours later, including sewing time, out came two sets of pajamas, custom made for my little girls.  Now to get the boys to do the same (I am not sure they want cute icons on theirs!)  I even added my little "Graham Cracker" labels, are they not so cute?

Materials needed

fabric of your choice to make pajamas (I put a cute little ruffle on the bottom to make them a little more girly)
Die cut shapes (found at, snowman and reindeer)
Cricut or silhouette
iron-on vinyl

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  1. This is so darling!! I might just have to do this... if I can find a spare 2 hours!! You rock!!


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