Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Wrap - Up

Mini Menu, spider web and cauldron shapes can be found at LoriWhitlock.com

Our Halloween was a great success despite the snow and ice that we received the night before.  Before the traditional trick or treating, we hosted our annual Halloween dinner.  We invited a couple of friends and their children over to enjoy this night with us... This three course meal is ordered from a menu with less than traditional items.  Each item, including utensils is cleverly disguised with a "spooky" name, and ordered in three courses.  The fun part is guessing what each item is and hoping you get actually get something to eat with appropriate eating utensils.  For example, my son ordered his first round two drinks, a napkin and a knife.  It doesn't take long for you to ask what your neighbor ordered and figure out the appropriate things to order the second round.  Would you like to know what we had, or a translation of our menu?

black crow claw - knife
Creamy Goblin skin flakes with crusty scabs - caeser salad
Mummy wrap - napkins
black cat eyes - olives
rising graves - bread sticks
petrified pumpkins - ghosts stuck in orange jello
Ghost blood - water or sprite
Pumpkin pee - orange crush
vampire teeth - fork
smashed brains with blood - lasagna
Egor's eye patch - spoon

and for dessert - Aged Troll turd drizzled with bat's blood - brownies with chocolate syrup.

Despite the crude names, the food was delicious!  It brought plenty of giggles from the kids and some of the adults as well.  It was a a great night with fun families.

After dinner, we got all nine kids ready to go trick or treating, and what mother wouldn't want to show off her little ones in all their Halloween glory!

We had a tooth fairy - a soldier - and Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.  My oldest decided he was too old to go with the little kids, so he and his friends went out where they could get the most candy in a neighborhood with town houses.  He left before I could get a good picture of him, but snapped on when he got home.  

Here is a little close up of the tooth fairy bag I made for my littlest with Lori's die cut shapes. She needed something to hold her "toofs and pixie dust"!

Hope your Halloween was a success!  Now on to Christmas - right?

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  1. Natalie, you went all out for Halloween! Awesome job!! Wish we were there. Love how you made so many cute items with my shapes. And the tooth fairy... SO CUTE!


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