Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last Minute Gifts - Christmas Candy Pouches

Hello - Welcome to Lori Whitlock and Kerri Bradford Blog Party!  I am excited to share with you this fun project that I came up with.  I was trying to think of who was left on my list to figure out what to give and I  was reminded from my kids that they wanted to give something to their friends from school and church!  So I had seen something like this and thought, it would be much cuter with something die cut, and not to mention easier - so here are my Candy gift pouches.

This set of "cookies" was made with plain brown paper wrapping paper I picked up at the dollar store. I cut two bases with my cricut, then started sewing them around.  When you are about three quarters around - stuff the candy inside, then continue sewing until it is all sewn around - then I add the cute decorations all made from pattern paper.  I made this a set of four, since it is a gift for a cute family we know that has four kids - it will be from my kids to them.  So I wrapped them up together with string and added a tag.

I also made some of these cute presents as well - my daughter is begging for them to give to her friends at school.....  just tear right into them to find the secret stash of treats - ummmm.

Supplies I used:

Kraft wrapping paper (it was lots thinner than card stock which will help make it easier to tear into them!)
Christmas wrapping paper
Christmas Cookie set from
Christmas icon set from Lori Whitlock found on silhouette's online store
Christmas Countdown from

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  1. These are so cute and what a great idea! Love it! Great for stocking stuffers or teachers. Thanks!

  2. Great idea. I need a little somthing to add to the nieces and nephew's gifts. This will be perfect.

  3. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. These are Fabulous Natalie soooooo adorable tfs...xoxo

  5. Natalie, I left love on Lori's blog, too, but these are just the sweetest! I love how you made the gift part the candy holder and the bow comes up over the top! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Natalie, this are just absolutely adorable. What a fantastic idea for a school holiday party snack!

  7. What super sweet little candy bags. Very clever. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  8. Natalie, I love the goodie bag presents in all the shapes.


  9. I love this idea, Natalie! They are just adorable! I think I might try this for my kid's class....I know they would love to rip those open and find a treat inside!


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