Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome to the Valentines Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the Lori Whitlock Valentine Blog Hop!

Just in case you are lost, this is the order of the blog hop!  You can find all the other cute ideas here:

Natalie - YOU ARE HERE!!!

I have a couple of things to share with you today! First of is a cute and easy set of valentine cards.  They come all in one set which is great!  I cut them out with Echo Park's Be Mine Collection, and put them together, added a couple of stickers, buttons and twine.  Easy Peasy! Right!  Well since I am giving these away to a sweet neighbor who has been helped me out while we had a giant snowstorm and my husband was out of town, I made her a cute tag from this tag set, added a couple stickers and a thank you sentiment and tied them with a bow in a cellophane bag.  Cute gift to give away....

Products used:

Valentine Card Set found here
Tag Set found here
Echo Park's Be Mine Collection found here
Cellophane bag

OK, so I have one more quick idea that just came to me this morning... So it was a quickie, but still cute non the less.  My husband was cleaning out the garage last night and brought in a whole bunch of boards I was saving for "future" projects - well we are in the process of selling our house and relocating back to Utah, so he looked at me and said, you can't move these boards... so he placed them in the wood pile by our fireplace.  So as I am getting the fire going this morning, I was placing these in the fireplace and thought, how sad, these would make a cute valentines board, so I slyly took one from the pile, and went to town.  Here is the finished product - just think, this would have been ash later on today if I hadn't saved it!!!

Products used:

Wood board painted white and then a top coat of glitter paint
Do all things with love saying found here
Heart cut out found here
Pink and red Vinyl
an eyelet and bakers twine

Hope you enjoyed your stop here.  Don't forget to stop by Lori's site to grab your free shape each day of the sale and check out all the other talented gals blogs to see what they have to share!  And Lori is having a sale today til Sunday - so happy shopping!

Happy Valentines!


  1. Natalie,
    I think your cards are so pretty and thoughtful. I know your neighbor will be happy to receive them. The story about your husband and the boards sounds like me! LOL! I LOVE the sign you made. I'm so inspired by it I might actually make use of a board I have in my craft room...or some from the garage...or the empty pallet I sat by the side of the house that DH is so eager to throw out ... LOL!

  2. So adoable sweetie and so glad you saved that board for such a sweet project tfs!! hugs, Bonnie x

  3. WTG! For a quick project, this looks amazing!!!! Now I'm guessing you will be moving that board;-)

  4. Love your sweet cards and the pretty tag. Your board is so cool and, now, I am about to see if my husband has any boards in the garage that I could use. Great job. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  5. Glad you saved that board! Adorable. LOVE your sweet gift for your neighbor too! Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful card set for your neighbor!!! Love the board, great job for a "quickie"!!! At the risk of sounding pun-ish, 'Good save'!!!

  7. I wish I lived closer to you because I'd take those boards off of your hands!

  8. Beautiful projects! I love what you did with the board.

  9. Cute board! What a fantastic idea! If you bring one with you when you come back to Utah - I'll pick it up from you!!!! :-)
    Thank you so much for the inspiration x

  10. VEry Pretty! Love those echo park papers!

  11. Wonderful job! Great save - that board came out FANTASTIC!

  12. As the page loaded for your blog, I was struck by the awesome colors you used on your projects! Your composition of your cards, tag, and board are wonderful!

  13. I love these! The cards are adorable, and I could totally enjoy making a board like yours to hange up!

  14. The card are real pretty, but I have to say the board is my favorite.

  15. Very cute projects--glad you rescued the board!

  16. I'm so glad you didn't burn that little board. What a cute sign!


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