Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's That Time of Year - Front Porch Christmas Sign

I am super excited to share this with you today.  It's always fun to see something turn out when it was just an idea floating around in your head.  I had a seen a sign similar to this in size floating around on Pinterest (thanks Pinterest for making my to do list longer!) but it was a halloween sign.  I wanted something fabulos for Christmas.  So when I asked my dear Husband to build me a 51/2 foot sign he looked at me funny then said, ok, when do you want it done.  So off to Home Depot he went, to get the  wood, and within an hour, he had it ready to go.  It is made with a simple 2x2 frame with cedar fence slats cut in half to create the front.  After he was done, I spray painted it with cream paint, not that you can tell, but it did add a nice white washed effect.

Then I got to work, and about 10 12x24 sheets of vinyl later, I had my stencils ready to go.  I used the files from Lori Whitlock found here:

Countdown to Christmas
days until title
The Most Wonderful time of the year vinyl sign

I used the vinyl as a stencil and painted the phrases on.  Then after it was dry, I lightly sanded it to give it a little worn look, then spray painted a glitter mist over the whole thing.  Then I glued a little chalkboard on and added the fabric bunting to it.

It's pretty big, its at least as tall as me, it was quite hilarious watching me as I carried it from my basement office to the front porch.  My kids kept asking me what I was making.  I kept telling them it was a sign for the front porch, but what they heard was a sign for the front door.  My son looked at me all funny, and said, mom that is as big as the front door, are you making a new front door?  So when I place it on the front porch this morning, he yelled to his brother and sisters, the new front door is ready.... what a crack up!

Hope you enjoy your day, I will, especially with one more project done, now if I only had my tree done....

Don't forget today is the last day to enjoy 30% off you 15 dollar purchase over at Lori's shop!


  1. Wow, wow, wow!!! This is so fabulous. I hope my hubby is as willing to help me out with the construction end of things!

  2. This is the most awesome project EVER!!! I love it. I must show my husband though i don't think we have a front porch conducive to something like this. Sigh....but i love your "new front door".

  3. Absolutely PERFECT!!!!! I love, love, love it!!! And, though my DH HATES to try to build anything, I'm gonna see if I can trick, er, I mean, Sweet Talk, him into building this for me!

    Now I have what I'm sure is a very silly question, but...HOW do you use the vinyl as a stencil????!

    1. Thats not a silly question at all. When I cut it out with my cameo, using vinyl, I pulled out just the letters and left all the background. Then I placed that background onto the wood, so I had a pattern to use. Then I used a foam brush I dabbed the paint onto the wood, so only the letters were painted then pulled back the vinyl after I was done. Be careful, the vinyl was sticky, and the wood was a little rough, so it didn't stay well. There were some parts that my kids held down the corners until I got it straight! Let me know if you need more help! Good luck!

    2. Ah-Ha!! I wondered if that might be the trick (it was the only thing I could come up with!), but I wasn't sure because all the letters look "complete"...does this mean that you have to replace the centers of the "o", "D", etc with their vinyl pieces before you spray painted??

      Thanks for replying to my question...I want one of these sooooooooo bad!

    This is FANTASTIC!

  5. That is SO brilliant! Wow! How fun that you can change the days til Christmas.


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