Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School Teacher Gift

So we are getting ready to start school.  Every year I try to send something little on the first day with the kids to give to their teachers.  A little something to start the year off right.  A little brown-nosing couldn't hurt to start if the year right too.  So I was in the school supply isle at Walmart the other day, dreaming of the day when all the little monkeys are settled back into a routine when I randomly bought a whole slew of pencils.  Why,  well it reminded me of the line from the movie "You've Got Mail" (one of my all time favorites!) where she wants to send a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils because she loves fall... ah, there is something magical about school supplies.  Maybe I'll make something cool with them, or give them to the kids to use for homework, but for now, they are apart of my back to school bribery for their teachers!  So I grabbed the pencil box file from Lori Whitlock found at the silhouette store, and mad a couple quick and simple back to school gifts!

These boxes are so easy to assemble, and they hold three pencils.  So they would make great classroom favors for any holiday (think those cute holiday pencils you see in the stores) or just a cute little gift for your favorite teacher!  I added the cute pencil that was with the file, some washi tape for a border, twine and a button!  Then added my "newly sharpened pencils" and there ya have it, a cute little gift any teacher would love!

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