Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bring on the bling - Pretty up your bike!

Hello - I am super excited to share this fun little project with you today, maybe because I love all things girly and sparkly or maybe because I became super mom when my daughter saw this.  She jumped up and down with joy and is praying that the weather holds up so she can ride it as soon as she comes home from school.

So this isn't originally my idea, my sister had done something similar to her daughters bike, removing some girly stickers and personalizing it for a not so girly girl.  Hers turned out darling, so of course, like with all good ideas, its worth stealing the idea and making it your own.

My daughters bike wasn't terrible, in fact we just bought it for her.  She loved it because it was purple, and after we added the basket, it was perfect.  But the stickers on it, for me, well it was a little much.  So we sat and pealed them all of, surprisingly they came of easy.  So I got to work with a little sparkly vinyl and my silhouette cameo.

I used Lori Whitlocks files for the heart, flower and border.  We also had to name the bike, so the purp-cycle it became.  Her bike also had the foam and vinyl cover over the handle bars that i turned inside out and added "I heart my bike" to it.

While i put the vinyl on, I found that it was easier to use a more delicate border, only because it was a little easier to bend with the curvature of the bike frame.  It was a little challenging applying it, but I think the more loose and loopy the flowers and the loopy border, just helped that it was a little free fitting on the frame.  I loved how it turned out, and most importantly my daughter did too.  I just might be doing little sisters and her big brothers... (he is still thinking of the perfect name for his bike.)

Just think of all those scooters and bikes in the world that could be made over... birthday, Christmas gifts perhaps?

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