Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine Chalkboard

As Valentines Day gets close, I get more and more in the mood to make hearts, cookies and just fun stuff.  The other day I went to Home Depot, looking for "something" to make a Valentine sign for my front porch, but, came back with a giant chalkboard.  They had pre-made chalkboard and even dry erase boards that I knew needed to come home with me.  So this project was born.

Since I didn't have to cut wood or paint, this came together really fast.  I just picked some of my favorite Valentine files from Lori's shop, and cut them out of hot pink, light pink and white vinyl.    This thing is big, 2 feet by 4 feet actually.  So my vinyl shapes were big too... I took out the you from the phrase file, and added a little heart to the O.  It turned out so cute, and my kids loved it when they saw it, and lots of little pictures and words have already been drawn all over it.  I plan on changing it once a day until Valentines.  I've already been asked numerous times when it's their turn to be on the board!  Happy Valentines!

All the files I used were from Lori Whitlock's store:

I love you because phrase found here
Valentine borders 2 found here
3 Banner set found here
11 Hearts found here

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